Serving Douglas County, GA and surrounding areas

TEA Rose Participant Donations

Please select the Donate button directly below the Tea Rose participant you would like to donate to.


*Please note all online donations will incur a transaction convenience fee through PayPal.


Donations for participants can also be mailed to:
Legacy of Pearls Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 5372
Douglasville, Georgia 30154-0007



Individual Sponsorship Levels


Patron: $25

Emerald: $50

Pearl: $100

Ivy: $150

Tea Rose: $200 and up


Corporate Sponsorship Levels


Bronze: $250

Silver: $500

Gold: $750

Platinum: $1000 and up



Senior Debutantes

Havalynn Madison Abernathy

Future Dermatologist or Architect 

Amari Leigh Carthan 

Future Sports Medicine Physician 

Nya Arianna Foster 

Future Leader  

Kai Earlyne Kellam  

Future Leader

Janae Rookard  

Future Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer  

Jala Victoria Staples  

Future in Media Communications 

Maesa Amani Anderson 

Future Journalist or Lawyer/Activist

Hannah Northington Cartwright 

Future in International Business/Political Science  

Jordan Amara Griffin  

Future Leader 

Jordan Camille McCrary 

Future in Psychology 

Amourie Latoria Ross 

Future in Medicine 

Michaela Danae Thomas   

Future in Physical Therapy 

Sydni Amari Brown  

Future Leader


Atara Emily Cummings  

Future Speech Therapist 

Ajah Mariah Hentz  

Future Pediatrician 

Chelcee Oasys McQueen  

Future Veterinarian  

Madison Maria Scott  

Future in Medicine 

Brooke Gabrielle Burks  

Future Leader


Aja Denise Floyd 

Future Neonatologist  

Jerney Camille Jackson  

Future Surgeon  

Lauren Ashley Pace 

Future in Teaching/Superintendent of GA schools

Cailyn Anaiya Shelly 

Future Neonatal Nurse 

Junior Debutantes

Nyla Allen  

Future in Nursing

Promise Jaylen Jones  

Future Leader 

Kendall Caiden Williams

Future in Screen writing & Production 

Brooke Blacknall  

Future in Education 

Torry Nicole Keys 

Future Obstetrician 

Carmen Danielle Wilson 

Future Art Director 

Kaelin Nicole Finney 

Future Leader 

Kendall Alexandria King  

Future in Medicine  

Nia Briahn Fletcher  

Future Orthopedic Surgeon 

Trinity Ariona Sumlin  

Future Movie Director/Writer 

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