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TEA Rose Participant Donations

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Senior Debutantes

Gianna Adams

Future Biochemist

Sydney Glenn 

Future in Environmental Studies/Marine Biology

Merah Nichols

Future in Psychology field 

Nyah Priester 

Future Nurse

Jasmyn Teague

Future in Business 

Kailey Belcher 

Future Biologist/Pediatrics

Andria Hall 

Future in Real Estate 

Johnese Owens 

Future in Fashion/Marketing field

Melanie Reece 

Future in Business Administration/Event Planning

MyKaiha Woods

Future Nurse

Jennifer Bryant 

Future Biomedical/Agricultural Field

Jordan Jessie 

Future Dental Hygienist

Kenyetta Perkins 

Future Lawyer

Nya Simon 

Future Lawyer 

Ana Robinson 

Future Leader

Christiana Cooper 

Future in Social Work/Psychology field

Savanna Mack 

Future Leader 

Yakia Pettis 

Future Pediatrician 

Alyssia Spriggs

Future in Business/Finance  

Junior Debutantes

Sydni Brown 

Future in Biology/Music

Nya Herbert

Future in Chemistry/Pharmacy/Computer Science

Erin Simms 

Future in Forensic Pathology

Jecarria Clark 

Future Nurse/Music 

Sarai Jackson 

Future in Business/Pre-Med

Kaliah Ferguson 

Future Leader 

MiKayla Leslie 

Future in Law/Business 

Jaidah Lynn Green 

Future in Culinary Arts/Cosmetology

Madison Scott 

Future in Neuroscience/Political Science

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